Muted Pastel Phool Bagh Snack Set

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A visually stunning muted pastel print against an off white background with brown rim. An array of pieces that can be paired together to create the perfect snack set.

Material: Stoneware

Colour: Muted Pastel and Off White with brown rim


Pasta plate 7 inch Diameter, 1.5 inch Height

Deep sided plate 8 x 1 inches

Tea or Dessert plate 5 inches diameter

Snack Bowl 4 x 3 inches

Large square platter 8 x 8 inches 

Medium square plate 6 x 6 inches 

Small square plate 4 x 4 inches

Care Instructions: Handle with care as these may chip or break on impact. Microwave, Oven and Food Safe. Don't use any harsh abrasive soap or scrubber to avoid scratches. Place in your cabinet with a layer of paper inbetween.

Made in India

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